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    The Pup Cup: Every Dog's Favorite Treat

    Especially if you're in a big city, dogs are everywhere. Some places even allow their customers' furry friends in their coffee shops! Even if pets aren't allowed in your coffee shop, you can still serve them in your drive-thru or outdoor dining area. Pup cups are the perfect way to do something nice for your customers with pets! View Post
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    10 Ways to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 in Your Coffee Shop

    COVID-19 or Coronavirus has become a global epidemic. Schools are shutting down, people are working from home, and we're asked to stay 6-10 feet away from other people. More than anything, people want to know your coffee shop is a safe, uncontaminated place. View Post
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    3 Reasons Your Coffee Shop Should Have a Drive-Thru (and How to Do It)

    Drive-thrus are a staple to American restaurant success. Businesses with drive-thrus are far more successful than businesses without them. Your coffee shop will benefit greatly from incorporating a drive-thru. View Post