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    7 Events to Host in Your Coffee Shop

    Hosting events in your coffee shop is a great way to bring in new customers and promote customer loyalty. If you want to engage in your community while promoting your business, hosting events in your coffee shop is the way to go! Here are 7 events to host in your coffee shop. View Post
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    How to Decorate Your Coffee Shop

    Unlike many other businesses, coffee shops are a place where people want to linger. If you've spent much time in a coffee shop, you've seen people studying, writers composing, and maybe even first dates happening. Good coffee shops foster gathering. You can do this by decorating your coffee shop in a comfortable way. Here's a simple guide to help! View Post
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    Why You Need Contactless Payment in Your Shop (and How to Use it)

    Contactless payments have become a major way people, especially the younger generations, prefer to make payments. Things like Apple Pay and Google Pay allow their users to make purchases without physical cards. It's easier and more secure for both you and your customers. Here are a few reasons why you need contactless payment in your shop and how you can use it. View Post
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    Why Your Coffee Shop Needs Social Media (and How to Do it)

    As a local coffee shop, you may be wondering why you need social media. You sell a lot of coffee and customers come back regularly. How can social media help you bring in more business? Here are a few ways. View Post
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    5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Employees in Your Coffee Shop

    Hiring employees in your coffee shop may seem like a daunting task. Finding the right people to trust with your shop is vital. We compiled a list of great questions to ask when hiring employees in your coffee shop. View Post
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    Should You Offer a Coffee Subscription Service in Your Coffee Shop?

    Within the last few years, subscription services have moved from movies and TV shows to cheese, underwear, lotion, and yes, even coffee. How can you integrate that into your coffee shop? A coffee subscription service! If you're wondering what that looks like, we're here to tell you! View Post