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    How to Make the Best Frozen Hot Chocolate

    Frozen hot chocolate is a fun blended treat perfect for your coffee shop! It's like a frappe but better. Here's a great recipe your customers are sure to love! What You'll Need: 1/2 cup heavy cream (you can substitute non-dairy milk, it just changes the texture) 1 scoop hot chocolate mix 3 pumps... View Post
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    The Top Ten Fall Drinks for Your Coffee Shop

    Autumn is just around the corner and you know what that means -- fall drinks! With the air getting colder and your customers bundling up in cozy outfits, it's time to introduce some delicious drinks to your shop. From pumpkin spice to caramel apple, we've compiled a great list of fall drinks perfect for your coffee shop. View Post
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    10 Best Hot Cocoa Flavors for your Coffee Shop This Valentine's Day

    There's never a better time for hot chocolate than Valentine's Day. It's cold outside and a warm drink is the only option. Why not go for a fun flavor that matches the holiday? Here are ten hot chocolate flavors to add to your coffee shop menu that will complement your customers' Valentine's Day ... View Post