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    10 Cold Brew Coffee Drinks You Need to Try

    Cold brew coffee is a phenomenon that has gripped the nation. It's much stronger than traditionally brewed coffee so it's better for many iced drinks. It also does well when diluted because of its natural strength. This, alongside its longer shelf-life (two weeks undiluted), makes cold brew coffee a great option for any coffee shop or at-home coffee station! View Post
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    What Cup Sizes Should You Offer in Your Coffee Shop?

    When opening a coffee shop, you have a lot to consider -- what you'll serve, how you'll make your coffee, what you'll do for seating, and, most importantly, what sizes of cups you'll stock. View Post
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    Which Coffee-Brewing Method is Best for Your Coffee Shop?

    Picking the right coffee-brewing method is one of the first challenges of opening a coffee shop. The way you brew your coffee changes its flavor and texture. When choosing the coffee-brewing method you'll have to first decide your priorities: do you want it to be easy to make? Do you want it to brew quickly? Do you want it to have a smooth flavor? Do you want to make a variety of drinks? These are all important things to consider.

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    5 of the Best Non-Dairy Milks to Serve in Your Coffee Shop

    Non-dairy milk has been a staple in coffee shops for years with good reason. It has a different flavor, most people can digest it easier, and it can perform similarly to regular milk. There's no doubt non-dairy milk is a good option to serve in your coffee shop. View Post